Cray Wanderers Submit New Application

Cray Wanderers FC, the oldest Association Football Club in London has submitted an application to build a 2,200 capacity stadium at Flamingo Park in Chislehurst.


Founded in 1860, Cray Wanderers FC is the second oldest football club in the world and are seeking this application to finally get a permanent home. Following the Club's previous planning application new plans will include a provision for 42 new homes and provide community facilities such as; a gymnasium, restaurant, 3G pitches and function rooms.

The Club had made an application for a stadium at Flamingo Park earlier in the year which was approved by Bromley Council on 19th April 2017. The Club then received shocking news in June that their application had been overturned by London's Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan who issued the following statement.

“The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is fulfilling his pledge to Londoners to protect the capital's Green Belt by refusing planning permission for a development that would encroach on green space in the city.

In one of his first planning moves, the Mayor reaffirmed his commitment to oppose building on Green Belt land by rejecting plans for a three-storey football stadium and blocks of flats in Chislehurst.

The development, which included building a football stadium for Cray Wanderers Football Club, community sports pitches and two four-storey residential blocks of 28 flats, had been approved by Bromley Council. However, after carrying out a detailed assessment, the Mayor believes the plans would cause significant harm to an area of much needed open green space. He was also concerned the application at Flamingo Park Club included no affordable housing.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “I am determined to oppose building on the Green Belt, which is now even more important than when it was created.

“Working with my planning team, I will continue to use my full range of planning powers to further strengthen protections for open and green spaces in the London Plan and ensure we are making the most of brownfield sites across the city, including the vast swathes of public land which are ripe for building homes for Londoners.

”The Mayor has also used his planning powers to give consent to several schemes, boosting housing supply in the capital and he is keen to work with boroughs, developers and housing associations to work towards the 50,000 homes London needs each year.

Sadiq Khan said: “I want to work with developers to build the homes London so desperately needs and I will be the first Mayor to use my planning powers to much greater effect, supporting boroughs rather than hindering them, and getting a firm grip on the housing crisis.”

Our Conservative MP for Bromley & Chislehurst who had supported the application commented..

"Following Bromley Council’s approval of Cray Wanderer FC’s proposals for Flamingo Park on 19 April, it was bitterly disappointing to see the new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, overturn the Council’s decision last week.

This is a scheme I have been involved with for sometime, supporting it through the planning process, and it is deeply frustrating to see it overturned at this stage. I am convinced that considerable community benefits would be achieved through the project. It would replace a currently underused, poor quality sports ground with a modern, state of the art facility; it would provide a permanent home for the world’s second oldest football club; and it would support much needed opportunities for outdoor sport and recreation where none currently exist.

The Mayor’s direction for refusal represents a biased and cynical party-political decision, based ostensibly on Green Belt grounds, but almost certainly as a rider for his ambitions to impose social housing in outer London boroughs. It was a decision made against the advice of his own planning advisors, and despite the approval of the local authority. It is against local sport, and goes against the spirit of local decision making. Indeed, Bromley Council received just 9 objections to this application, receiving 600 in support.

Please be assured that I will continue to do everything I possibly can to have the Mayor’s decision reversed and to see this fantastic scheme materialise.

The Club are seeking local community support for their application by getting 1860 signatures. To add your name please click here.

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