Boris promoted on ability, and delivered genuine diversity as a result

Published by freemarketconservatives on July 26, 2019

Positivity. Energy. Optimism. Dare I even say, humour. Words which haven’t featured in British politics much – if at all – in the last three years. But! In the past 24 hours, all four have washed through the Tory Party as we look forward to a new era under the Premiership of Boris Johnson.

Of course, it was clear who would win the leadership election as soon as the contest began. What we didn’t know was precisely whom Boris would appoint to his government.

The new Prime Minster didn’t let us down.

As the names were announced – Sajid Javid… Priti Patel… Dominic Raab… – my smile simply grew broader and broader. Boris has put together a diverse cabinet including representatives from all wings of the Party, even finding room for more problematic voices such as Amber Rudd.

Meanwhile, the commentariat – obsessed it seems with the colour of everybody’s skin – droned on about diversity. I realise Identity Politics is all the rage now but the reaction – particularly from the left – has been little short of absurd.

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Suraj Sharma is the MD for Respublica and Conservative Councillor for Chislehurst. Follow him on twitter: @Suraj_Sharma

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