CCTV in Chislehurst

After years of campaigning, we are delighted to be able to announce that we have CCTV cameras fully operational on Chislehurst High Street.

The campaign was initiated by the Chislehurst Town Team following a number of incidents and burglaries on the High Street and in response to the concerns of residents and businesses alike. With the active involvement and support of our ward councillors and our local police team, and following a full review of cctv cameras in the Borough by Bromley Council, we are thrilled that all our combined hard work has finally paid off. A statutory survey in February 2020 showed that 95% of the respondents were in favour of cameras being installed on the High Street. These state of the art cameras are part of the centrally monitored London Borough of Bromley system which means they will be monitored around the clock. These cameras are in addition to the ones already installed on Royal Parade and those scheduled to be installed on Belmont Parade, that were funded by a Local Parades grant, submitted by the traders and sponsored by Cllr Suraj Sharma.

Cllr Sharma, who spearheaded the campaign within the Council said: “CCTV on the High St has been a priority for both businesses and residents for several years and I am delighted that we have made this happen. It is a great example of what can be achieved when local groups and Councillors work together with a common endeavour. The recent installations will not only assist the police with evidence to their inquiries but will also act as a deterrent and increase the feeling of safety and protection for all visitors to our High St. Being centrally located on one of the main arterial roads through Chislehurst, these cameras could also be of great assistance for investigations into other crimes committed in the wider area.”

Alison Stammers, chair of the Chislehurst Town Team, commented: “I am ecstatic. It has been a long and bumpy road to get to this stage so I am over the moon that we have finally been successful. The shock, upset and disruption to our businesses and residents when incidents happen is very real and so these cameras are (sadly) very necessary. The 24 hour nature of the monitoring should hopefully prevent many crimes from taking place but if they do, they will assist the police in pursuing the offenders. I should like to thank Cllr Sharma for his continuous support in ensuring we got to this stage and our local police team who helped us to put together the evidence to justify the need, as well as the Council for hearing our plea. I hope this will help the Chislehurst we love be an even safer place.”

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