CCTV Installed at Royal Parade

We are pleased to inform residents that a CCTV system has now been installed in Royal Parade. It has been a project in the making for the past three years between Bromley Council and Karen Simmons and Wendy Grimwood, both Committee members of the Traders Association.

Karen and Wendy felt that after numerous break ins, credit card fraud and thefts over a period of time the need for CCTV was proven.

When Bromley Council announced there was a grant for local parades their highest priority was CCTV to provide coverage for the entire parade along with walkie talkies for each shop to give additional security to shop staff and enable them to alert one another rapidly.

To further enhance the parade, heritage signs in keeping with the look of the parade were also chosen. These signs will be installed in the near future and will further enhance the look of this historical local parade.

Karen Simmons mentioned “On behalf of Royal Parade, Wendy and I would like thank Bromley Council and its officers and Councillor Suraj Sharma who we have worked with extensively in ensuring that proposals were put forward and for the grant to be given.”

Alison Stammers, Chair of the Chislehurst Town Team commented, “We have been campaigning for CCTV in our High Street and Parades for some years. We are therefore delighted to see the Royal Traders’ hard work has paid off and CCTV has now been installed thanks to an LBB grant sponsored by Cllr Sharma. We know it will be of great assistance to the police. With CCTV being added to Belmont Parade in due course, we are once again focussing on getting it in the High Street.”

Cllr Suraj Sharma who takes the lead on local economy and regeneration related matters added “This is a very positive development for Chislehurst, there has been a campaign running for several years for CCTV coverage in our town centre and I am glad that through collaborative working with local stakeholders Chislehurst will now have full coverage on both Royal Parade and Belmont Parade. It has been a pleasure working together with Karen and Wendy and I look forward to continuing work alongside Alison to achieve CCTV on the High Street. This initiative has the full backing of our local police and we hope to able to deliver positive news in the near future.”

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