Councillor who founded controversial anti-Labour group speaks out on future

(This article appeared in the News Shopper 06/02/2020)

The south-east London councillor who founded a powerful anti-Labour campaign group which attracted national attention during December’s general election has said he has “no plans” for the future of the organisation.

Bromley Council’s Suraj Sharma, a Conservative Councillor for Chislehurst who set up Working4UK ahead of the election, added that he has no firm plans on whether he’ll utilise the platform again in the future.

Working4UK was one of several campaign groups which attracted national media attention throughout the election due to its prolific use of social media such as Facebook to pedal anti-Labour sentiment.

However Cllr Sharma, whose 9,000-plus Twitter followers make him one of the most prolific social media-using councillors in south-east London, denied claims the group shared misleading content, saying it instead “amplified” other voices against voting for Labour.

“I think this was the most crucial election in our lifetimes – the entire future of the country depended on that vote,” he told the local democracy reporting service about the establishment of Working4UK.

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