Regeneration Grant for Belmont Parade

Chislehurst’s Councillors are pleased to report that our £21,000 application has been approved as part of the Bromley Council’s Local Parade regeneration initiative aimed at improving the public realm and supporting local businesses.

The grant will include capital costs for a 12 camera CCTV system with the businesses taking on-going responsibility for maintenance and servicing. The grant will also cover resurfacing improvements, installation of a community noticeboard and a new heritage sign which will give the parade its own identity, the design for this sign will be made open to the community to contribute, more details to follow..

Cllr Suraj Sharma who worked on the application commented “Belmont Parade has long been affected by instances of anti-social behaviour so we hope that CCTV will help reduce this, provide police with evidence during their inquiries and generally create a safer space for businesses and visitors to the parade. It has been a great experience working with the local businesses and I would like to especially thank Greg from Deva Yoga and Nigel from Chislehurst Kitchens.”

Greg Obrien who took a lead on behalf of the parade businesses said “It’s been a real pleasure working with Suraj on this application and we appreciate his proactiveness and efforts to see this application through. The grant will definitely bring about great improvements to Belmont Parade and we look forward to the implementation.”

This is the second successful application for local parades in Chislehurst with Royal Parade benefiting from a £25,000 grant which was approved earlier in the year.

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