Regeneration Grant For Royal Parade

We are delighted to announce that Chislehurst Councillors' application for a regeneration grant for Royal Parade has been approved as part of the Council’s Local Parade Initiative.

The grant, totalling £25,000, is for a number of improvements to enhance the public realm and includes CCTV coverage for the entire parade, this has been seen as priority for local businesses. Chislehurst Councillor Suraj Sharma, said “It has been a delight working on the application together with stakeholders from Royal Parade and we look forward to sharing good news on a few of the other Chislehurst Parades in the near future.

The inclusion of CCTV is welcome. CCTV not only helps police with their investigations but it is proved to be a deterrent for criminals and helps improve the feeling of safety for store owners and visitors alike”.Along with Royal Parade we are actively working with a number of other local parades in Chislehurst as part of the Local Parades Initiative to help improve the public realm.

For further information please contact Cllr Suraj Sharma at

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