Safety Improvements Delivered at School

Chislehurst’s Councillors have been working hard with parents and staff at Edgebury Primary School to deliver highways improvements that will make the local area safer for all.

Earlier in the year, as a direct result of the work from Chislehurst’s ward councillors, new 20mph signs have been installed, zig zag lines have been extended and bus stop cages have been painted to put an end to conflicts between cars and buses. The timings of the zig zag lines have also been extended.

Further down Belmont Lane, we have also taken action to prevent traffic issues near to Belmont Parade. Local residents have over a number of years contacted us about difficulties with passing traffic and buses due to excessive parking. Our intervention has meant a new short stretch of yellow line has been installed, removing just one parking space but creating a large passing place. We have also lobbied for the bus stop outside the Co-op supermarket to be enlarged, making it easier for buses to get closer to the kerb to set down and pick up passengers. Initial feedback has been very positive especially from elderly and disabled passengers.

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